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Living and working in Montreal means enjoying an exciting and unique experience. Renowned for its cultural diversity, Montreal is a bilingual city that boasts a rich history, a thriving arts and culture scene and an array of outdoor activities, from skiing and ice skating in the winter to hiking and cycling in the summer.

The city is known for its laid-back atmosphere, lively nightlife, and with its rich cultural heritage and diverse immigrant populations, Montreal is a food lover's paradise, offering a wide variety of international flavors and culinary experiences! The public transportation system is extensive and efficient, making it easy to get around the city, even in winter! And with a network of over 900 km of bike paths, Montreal is very bike friendly. The cost of living is relatively affordable compared to other North American cities, and the city has a wide range of housing options, allowing you to find a home quickly. Overall, living and working in Montreal offers a great balance of work and play!

The studio

Our studio is located on the Plateau Mont Royal, a walkable cultural district with many restaurants, bars, cafes and vintage boutiques. The neighborhood is known for its tree-lined streets and beautiful Victorian homes, many of which are brightly painted, but also for its many parks and green spaces, such as La Fontaine Park and the Mont Royal.

Our studio has a fully equipped kitchen, shower, bike locker and a rooftop terrace, accessible to all employees throughout the work week!


There are several resources available to help you find housing in Montreal. Some popular options include:

Practical life

Health | The RAMQ administers the Quebec Health Insurance Plan. Eligible and registered individuals receive a variety of covered health services.
When you come to Québec to pursue work, you are usually covered by Québec health insurance after a waiting period of up to 3 months after your registration.
For more information visit this website

List of hospitals close to the studio
Hôpital Notre-Dame
Montreal University Hospital Center (CHUM)
McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)

Daycare and CPE network | There are 4 types of recognized daycare services in Montreal

- The CPE (early childhood center)
- Subsidized daycare
- Non-subsidized daycare
- Family daycare services recognized by a coordinating office

If you are looking for an educational daycare space for your child, the first step is to register at La Place 0-5, the unique portal for accessing subsidized educational daycare spaces.

Education |  École primaire Lanaudière and École secondaire Jeanne-Mance are the two schools that are closest to the studio, but there are many other options for parents who wish to enroll their children in school in Montreal! Public, private, French or English speaking, international and specialized schools...

Tax Credits

In Canada, it is possible to be entitled to a full refund of moving expenses when justified by an employment relationship.

Community Life

Sports | Montreal offers a wide variety of sports and activities to watch and play- both indoor and outdoor and all year round!
Some popular sports in the city include:

To watch:
- Ice hockey: Montreal is home to the Canadiens, one of the most successful and historic teams in the NHL. Ice hockey is a beloved sport in the city and is played at all levels, from youth leagues to professional.
- Football: The Montreal Alouettes are a Montreal based Canadian football and compete in the East Division of the Canadian Football League (CFL)
- Soccer: Montreal Impact team is a professional soccer team that plays in Major League Soccer (MLS)

To practice:
- Winter sports such as cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, and ice-skating are popular in the city.
- Cycling: The city has many bike paths and bike lanes, as well as a bike-sharing program, making it easy and safe for residents to cycle around the city.
- Swimming: There are several public swimming pools and aquatic centers, as well as indoor and outdoor swimming facilities.
- Montreal is full of sports facilities: team sports, individual sports... you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for!

Festivals | Montreal is known for its lively festivals that showcase music, comedy, film, fashion and art throughout the year. Here are some of the most popular festivals:
- Montreal International Jazz Festival
- Just for Laughs Festival
- Montreal World Film Festival
- Osheaga Music and Arts Festival
- Nuit Blanche Montreal

Nightlife | Montreal's nightlife is vibrant, with many bars, clubs and concert halls. The city also has a thriving humor and improv scene, with many clubs and theaters.

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