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Our Culture

Our name says it all - we aim to put our people first and we value the human approach. 

Each of our studios have a unique culture that is continuously evolving as we grow. What remains consistent in our approach across locations is the intentional actions we take to ensure each individual feels inspired, welcomed, and empowered to do their best work and show up as their authentic self!  

We believe that innovative ideas and incredible work comes to life when we put our values at the forefront of everything we do. These values and behaviors define us. They are our guiding principles that dictate our behavior, help us make decisions and shape our interactions with each other.

These values say who we are and what we stand for. 


FOLKS Toronto


We Collaborate with Others
We show our creativity by collaborating effectively with our team members and fellow FOLKS.
We ask questions to help us understand others' ideas and workflows.
We share our own insights to help others gain new information that may help with their processes.
We participate in team meetings and listen actively to others to help us find inspiration for our own creativity.

We are Willing to Take Risks
We invite our FOLKS creative thinkers to embrace challenges they encounter.
We are motivated to find new ways to succeed and think "out of the box" to achieve results.
We take risks and try different processes to increase our creativity.

We Engage in Innovative Problem-Solving
We engage in innovative problem-solving when we encounter a challenge at work to find creative solutions.
We use our imagination to brainstorm potential solutions and consider their outcomes.
We work to find unique solutions others may not consider.

We Challenge Conformity
We  have a strong understanding of the usual processes of FOLKS and can recognize when those established practices may benefit from improvement.
We challenge conformity to provide  new perspectives.
We share our ideas for new processes and promote and endorse creative thinking.



We Practice Humility
We admit when something is not working or when we are faced with a problem.
We embrace mistakes and we acknowledge the areas that need improvement.
We work together to achieve better results.
We avoid statements like " the way we have always done it is the only right way.”
We embark on journeys together to alter the course and leverage feedback and ideas to achieve excellence.

We Develop our Ability
We develop our ability to do our tasks better each time around.
We keep an open mind and are always willing to learn and grow.
We are not afraid to make mistakes. We seize every opportunity for improvement.
We are not shy to ask those who know more or have more experience.

We are Accountable
We hold ourselves accountable for producing results.
We do not blame others, the system, the policy, the technology or the process, instead we hold ourselves accountable for our tasks so that we can make a difference for our team and FOLKS.
We achieve excellence by holding ourselves accountable for things that are not done properly- we take initiative to make things better for our team!



We Support Each Other
We collaborate with our coworkers and work towards shared goals.
We recognize when someone would benefit from our assistance and offer support.
We remain aware of your surroundings and try to notice what may cause our fellow FOLKS members to struggle.
We ask how we can be of help when we see they are dealing with a challenge.
We use our own experience to help recognize when others are struggling.
We lift each other up by putting our FOLKS first!

We Are Inclusive
We hold ourselves accountable in creating a work environment for our teams and team members that allows us all to thrive and feel valued, respected and included.
We value and respect each other's differences and take the time to listen to a wide range of perspectives and experiences ensuring they are valued and embraced.
We remain curious through learning with an emphasize openness, creativity, and exploration within our teams
We make people feel welcomed; ensuring that it is safe for them to express who they choose to be; we demonstrate our appreciation for their input; working collaboratively and showing we care.

We Empower Our Teams
We strive for excellence and show appreciation and give recognition to our team members who have gone above and beyond.
We provide constructive feedback to each other and to our teams allowing us to be better and stronger with each project- we receive feedback with openness knowing there is always room for growth and improvement.
We provide the resources to succeed and give autonomy to our teams.



We are Open Minded
We are curious to hear what others think.
We are able to have our ideas challenged.
We do not feel angry when we are wrong.
We have empathy for other people.
We consider and listen to what others are saying.
We are humble about our own knowledge and expertise.
We give everyone a space to share their beliefs and thoughts.

We build trust
We think long term with our work relationships at work.
We admit when we are wrong and we don't blame others.
We honour our commitments toward each other.
We communicate effectively and ask questions when we don't understand.
We are transparent with our ideas and explain what and why we are doing things.
We create relationships with our team member.
We work as a unified team towards our shared goals.

We Actively Listen
We pay attention when others speak.
We defer judgement and actively challenge our biases.
We respond appropriately taking into consideration the other persons feelings.
We Learn to Compromise.
We see compromise as a strength not a weakness.
We are transparent with our intentions and listen to others.
We understand what worth compromising and know how to let go.



We Keep Everything Simple
We Keep Everything Simple
We keep things simple no matter the complexity of the task
We aim to find efficiency and simplicity to solving complex situations.
We take responsibility and keep processes simple.
We see things as they are and say it as it is. No fancy words needed.

We Identify Our Obstacles
We identify and own up to over complication and complexity and take time to reevaluate.
We evaluate our processes and rid ourselves of unnecessary elements
We seek guidance from managers and team members to discuss obstacles and gain outside perspective.
We are honest about our capabilities and strengths and reach out to our peers for support.

We Communicate Consistently and Effectively
We do not use corporate jargon to get our messages across, we are specific with the language we use and ensure everyone can understand and is understood.
We are honest and upfront when facing challenges and communicate in a positive manner providing clear examples of what can help resolve the issues.
We remain connected to our peers and our teams through communication and ensure we cater to all different types of personalities through our communications.


Our Team